Wheater you look to add a personal touch to your pride and joy, want a full colour change or looking to advance your marketing through a fully customized commercial wrap, we have you covered.

At LS we look after you from start to finish, material choice, design and print are just some of the services we are offering.
We are only using premium material from Avery, 3M, Hexus and Vivid.

What is vinyl wrapping?

Vinyl wrapping has been a round for a while but there have been steady improvements in material and variety. People wrap their vehicles for different reasons, some want to make their car as individual as their own while commercial customers want to use their vehicle as a marketing driver. Wraps generally start with a roll of of adhesive vinyl film designed specifically for vehicle by leading manufactures made available in a variety of colours & finishes. Wraps can vary from full color changes in matte, satin, metallic or gloss finishes, to specialty films like chrome, “carbon fiber” and beyond. If you are looking for something more than a colour change we can also offer fully customised design and printed vinyal application, the possibilities are limitless, have an idea, why not talk to us today!

Still not sure?

Check out some samples below

Make your car stand out from the crowed

Amazing colour change, say goodbye to boring looks

Full commercial wrap to show your business in the best colours

Partial wraps, let people know who to call