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Colour Change Vehicle Wraps

Why Pay For An Expensive Paint Job? Colour Swap With Vinyl Wrapping

Custom Paint Jobs Often Devalue Your Car

Painting a vehicle is expensive and will likely devalue your vehicle or put your vehicle at higher risk of premature rusting. A full Colour Vinyl Wraps is a cost effective way to change your vehicle to just about any colour you want.

Normally the cost to wrap is less than half the cost of a re-paint. Will  give you the flexibility to change the colour later or remove it for reselling, without damage.  Wrapping your vehicle may give you the opportunity to sell on the purchase price of your vehicle to. Everyone wants the best colours so they sell at a premium. So being able to by the cheapest vehicle based on colour allows you to save money and apply the colour you really want via a full vehicle colour change wrap .

With a vinyl wrap you not only get the colour you want you can also choose unique finishes such as, metal, brushed metal, matte, gloss, pearls, candies and metallic finishes.

The Vinyl Wrap Finish You Want And Added Protection

Protect And Finish

Full colour changing your vehicle has always been popular, but expensive due to the cost of paint and professional labour.  Colour changing using vinyl wraps is now the latest craze to get a huge variety of colours and finishes for fractions of the cost of painting and it is ideal for:

  • Cars, Utes and Motorcycles
  • Truck and Commercial
  • Boats, Jetskis, Seadoos
  • Golf Carts, ATV, UTV, Offroaders

Whether you are looking to colour brand your fleet, feel you want an update or have buyers remorse on the colour of your vehicle a full colour swap using a wrap will get you the exact colour you want.  We can also apply high res graphics and designs into the wrap to really make it pop.

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